Albino Motley

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Latin Name:Boa constrictor imperator
Morph:Albino Motley
Info:Also in 2013 we will have Albino Motley for sale, this time even poss. Anery

The Albino Motley is a combination of the co-dominant Motley morph and the recessive Albino colour variation. It is the key to many other designer morphs like the Sunglow Motleys. To get e.g. Sunglow Motleys you just have to breed an Albino Motley to a dh sunglow (Hypo Salmon het. Albino) and you will get:

12,5% Sunglow Motley

12,5% Sunglow

12,5% Albino Motley

12,5% Albino

12,5% Hypo Motley het. Albino

12,5% Hypo het. Albino

12,5% Motley het. Albino

12,5% Het. Albino

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