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One of the first breeders of hypo boas has been Rich Ihle who gave them the name Salmon Boas. So Salmon boa is just another synonym for hypo boa and links to the line of Rich Ihle.

The hypo genetic not only causes the reduction of the black pigments it also makes colours clearer and more brilliant. In other words these animals offer endless potential for the serious breeding of other Designer Boas.

Salmon Boas, which are also het. for one or several colour variants, are called as “double hets.” (DH´s) or respectively triple hets, which additionaly get attached the name of the high end morph, that can be bred with this combination. In practise this nomenclature is looking as follows:

Double het. Sunglow = Hypo Salmon het. Albino

Double het. Ghost = Hypo Salmon het. Anery

Triple het. Moonglow = Hypo Salmon het. Anery und het. Albino

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